I Don’t Let People Borrow My Books

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I always feel bad saying no to people when they ask to borrow my books, but I just don’t like to let people borrow them! Yes, it may seem selfish and yes, I may have trust issues, but I just can’t bare the thought of one of my books being ruined or getting lost! Follow the  link below to view the original post by One Aardvark on why they don’t let people borrow their books! 🙂


One thought on “I Don’t Let People Borrow My Books

  1. mrsmarmalade says:

    Nothing worse than lending a friend one of your favourite books, (because you want them to share the joy) and then they don’t return it. Or they pass it on to someone else and you know that you’ll never see it again. I know I should be happy that people are reading, but I love my books so much!


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