Top Ten Tuesday 18/10/16

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Top Ten Tuesday is an awesome meme hosted by The Broke & The Bookish. This week’s TTT I have decided to do top ten book characters that I would name a child after. I know that it is already Wednesday but I loved this week’s topic so decided to do it anyway.

  1. Charlotte, from Charlotte’s Web. While Charlotte isn’t a particularly ‘unique’ name, but Charlotte’s Web is a beautiful book which makes the name seem even more special.
  2. Wilbur, also from Charlotte’s Web. I know, two names from the same book… but Wilbur is such a cute name that I couldn’t resist. I don’t know if I would necessarily call a child Wilbur…
  3. Summer, from Summer’s Dream (Which is part of the Series The Chocolate Box Girls)
  4. Ruby, from Ruby Redfort. I LOVE Ruby Redford so this was an obvious choice.
  5. Clancy, also from Ruby Redfort. What can I say? Another pretty obvious choice…
  6. Josephine, from Looking For Alibrandi. Josephine is a really pretty name and I love Looking For Alibrandi
  7. Harriet, From Geek Girl. Not only is Harriet hilarious, she is also really clever and pretty…
  8. Ivy, from Ivy & Bean. I loved Ivy & Bean when I was younger and while I wouldn’t call a child Bean, Ivy is certainly an option.
  9. Matilda, (obviously) from Matilda. Roald Dahl is one of my all time favourite authors full stop. And Matilda is up there with my top Roald Dahl books.
  10. Clementine, from Clementine Rose. I really like the name Clementine and have often thought about stealing the name Clementine Rose.
  11. Jacinta &
  12. Millie, both from the Alice-Miranda series which I was obsessed with when I was younger. While it isn’t one of my favourite books, both of these names are super cute.
  13. Samantha, from The Memory Book. The Memory Book was a really beautiful book and I felt really close to the main character, Samantha.
  14. Cooper, also from The Memory Book, this is probably the most deserving one on this list; I now like the name Cooper just from reading The Memory Book.
  15. Hazel, The Fault in Our Stars. Another deserving name; after reading The Fault in Our Stars I loved the name Hazel.
  16. August from Wonder. Yet another very deserving contender; August, the main character from Wonder, is an amazing person (/character) and although he has a face deformity is still a ‘beautiful’ person.

I know, I was only supposed to do 10. But after doing 10 I figured, why stop? How did you interpret this week’s TTT theme? Please leave your link below if you want me to stop by.


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