Cracked- A Short Story

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Earlier this year, I joined with some of my closest friends to take part in the Write-A-Book-In-A-Day competition, a fun yet stressful event in which teams are given five parameters and four words which they must incorporate into a story that they have 12 hours to complete. All the stories created will then be printed and distributed across Australia for sick kids in hospital to read! 🙂

The parameters and random words we had to incorporate into our story were:


Primary Character 1: A Builder —> Charli is an aspiring builder

Primary Character 2: A Grandparent —> Grampy is Charli’s Grandpa

Non-Human Character: Worm —> Gary, Grampy’s sidekick who lives on his shoulder

Setting: Music Festival—> The last part of the story is set in a Music Festival

Issue: Magic Headphones—> The cause of their adventure is to retrieve the rare air of magic headphones which allow people to hear other people’s thoughts

Random Words:





The story had to include iconic Australian words, land marks or similar and had to be appropriate for children of all ages to read.

After only twelve hours, we had created a beautiful, fully illustrated, eighteen page long, fourteen chapter story about the heart warming adventures of a fourteen year old girl called Charli, her wacky Grandfather, Grampy and his adorable pet worm, Gary. We named our story ‘Cracked’ as many characters in the story think that Grampy is ‘Cracked in the head’ due to the wild and wacky stories he tells.Here is a little excerpt from the first chapter:

When Charlotte Bisby was four, she believed in magic.

Not the bought and sold magic that the phoney magician performed at her birthday party, but the magic in her grandfather’s stories. Stories that describe magic full of colour and wonder; stories that always have a strong-willed protagonist, an evil antagonist and an epic battle between the good and the bad.

“Tell me a story, Gwampy!” cried young Charlotte, “ You pwomised you would at bedtime.”
She pouted and gave her best ‘I was cutting onions earlier and now my eyes sting’ look.

Her grandad slowly picked his way past the clutter of toy bulldozers, ripped crayon wrappers and lego construction workers to the desk covered in pieces of paper that his granddaughter was busily scribbling architectural designs and construction workers on. Already at a young age, Charli possessed an unnatural attraction to the building industry.

He plopped down on the couch with a soft smile on his face.
“You want to know another story?”

I may be biased, but I am pretty impressed with how our story turned out! Please leave any comments in the comments section below! We would love to know what you think of our short story!


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