Books About Food

Recently I have been investing much more time into reading cook books and food blogs and am hoping to set aside a larger portion of my free time to making and baking food. One topic of specific interest to me is bread baking and much of my research has focused around this. All of this thinking about food has leaked into my reading life and led me to think about books that I have read that are based around the concept of cooking. Here is a short list of fictional books about food (many of which are from my childhood), along with some great cookbooks, that I have read.

  1. The School of Essential Ingredients; A Novel, By Erica Bauermeister. An avidly descriptive novel; I loved the beautiful way that the food making process was explained. While it was perhaps a little too over the top in some of its imagery, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

  2. Bliss Bakery Series, By Kathryn Littlewood. Another gloriously descriptive novel, the Bliss Bakery series was an undeniable favourite of my childhood, most likely because it incorporated both magic and cooking.
  3. The Cupcake Diaries series, by Coco Simon. Another fabulous series from my childhood, I would recommend this to any young girl who loves to read about friendship and cupcakes… Or basically any young girl, full stop.
  4. The Chocolate Box Girls series,  By Cathy Cassidy. I love Cathy Cassidy’s books and this series is not exception. A fun series about sisterhood and chocolate.
  5. Brown Bread and Honey, by Pamela Allen. While this is in fact a picture book, it is still worthy of a mention on this list for its entertaining storyline, nice pictures and the fact that the whole story heavily revolves around food (and greed). I still enjoy reading this picture book today.
  6. Daisy All-Sorts, by Pamela Allen. Another great picture book by Pamela Allen. I wasn’t planning on including any picture books on this list, however once I start thinking of food, all of these great stories start popping into my mind.
  7. How to be a Domestic Goddess, by Nigella Lawson. A great cookbook about food and enjoying the process of home baking.
  8. Delicious; Love to Eat, by Valli Little. A nicely presented cookbook with plenty of delicious recipes from all over the world.

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