Review- Stranger Than Fan-fiction by Chris Colfer

I was disappointed by Chis Colfer’s novel, Stranger than Fan-fiction. Before reading this book I expected this novel to be as fun and quirky as the name, however, I was disappointed by how ‘two dimensional’ the characters came across as.

While I enjoyed the novel’s sense of humour and could understand its attempt to include a wide range of diverse characters, I felt that none of the characters grew past the stereotypical category that they were given. Despite changing perspective, I felt that I never grew particularly close to any of the characters which was disappointing considering how much of the story focused on the character’s diversities.

Apart from the characters, the rest of the story was relatively interesting. The novel incorporates a classic road trip story with the creative idea of a celebrity joining along for the ride. This aspect was something that really interested me and led me to think about the real personality of some of the most popular celebrities.

Overall, I would rate this book a solid 3 stars. While I was disappointed by the characterisation, the rest of the novel flowed pretty smoothly. I would recommend this novel as a light summer read.


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