2018 Beat the Backlist- Challenge TBR

Beat the Backlist is a yearly challenge hosted by Novel Knight. As this is my first year taking part, I have decided to try and read 12 books from my pre-existing TBR (more specifically, books already on my bookshelf). Below is the list of books that I’m aiming to read for this challenge in 2018.

  1. Kite, Melvin Burgess
  2. Once, Morris Gleitzman
  3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Mark Haddon
  4. Summer of the Gypsy Moths, Sara Penny Packer
  5. Mirror Mirror, Gregory Maguire
  6. One Perfect Pirouette, Sheryl Clark
  7. Victoria and the Rogue, Meg Cabot
  8. The Elephant’s Tale, Lauren St John
  9. Pirates!, Celia Rees
  10. Little Stars, Jacqueline Wilson
  11. What Katy Did, Susan Coolidge
  12. Anne Frank; The Dairy of a Young Girl, Anne FrankBTB2018_DDTeam.png

These are all books that have been waiting on my bookshelf for months or even years. Hopefully this reading challenge will give me a chance to finally get to some of them. 🙂

Note: I’m glad to be a part of team Dewey Dragons for this year’s challenge!


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