You Can Only Keep 10 Books From Your Collection- Here are the Books I Would Keep.

I was inspired to do this post after seeing the idea on Page After Page Book Blog. The questions that they posed was, ‘you can only keep ten books from your entire collection. Which books do you keep?’. Here are my top ten favourite books on my bookshelf, the books that I would choose to keep if forced to limit my collection to only ten.

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  1. Forever Geek, Holly Smale. It’s no secret that I love Holly Smale’s Geek Girl Series and this book, the series finale, would certainly be high on my to-keep pile.
  2. Blink And You Die, Lauren Child. Another series finale, this time from my absolute favourite series, Ruby Redfort by Lauren Child.
  3. Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta. This book holds some sentimental value as it was gifted to me by my grandparents a few years back after I got into an academic program for high school.
  4. Beautiful Mess, Claire Christian. A really great read. I would have to keep this one as I’m  planning on reading it again.
  5. The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett. I have a beautiful hardcover copy of The Secret Garden, with full page illustrations. Definitely one to keep.
  6. Image credit goes to Goodreads

  7. Shakespeare’s Sonnets; the Complete Illustrated Edition. I received this recently as part of an award at school and haven’t yet had the chance to fully delve into the poems.
  8. Perfect, Cecelia Ahern. A great read. Certainly not one of the higher books on my to keep list, but still worthy of its place, nonetheless.
  9. Matilda, The BFG & The Witches, Roald Dahl. I can count these as one, right? 😊. I LOVE Roald Dahl’s books. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be between these three.
  10. Anne Frank; The Diary of a Young Girl. I haven’t actually read this one yet, but I am desperately waiting for the chance to do so.
  11. Speeches That Changed The World. Another book that sparks a few memories, I received this book as a debating award at my primary school graduation.

Which books would you keep if you had to cut your collection back to only 10?

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