New Books! 📚 26/03/18

I recently visited my local library and borrowed out a number of interesting titles, some of which I have heard a lot about and some that I have never seen before.

Image credit goes to Goodreads

You Don’t Know My Name, Kristen Orlando. I’ve actually already finished this one and boy, was it a ripper of a book. Fast paced, smart and with characters that I loved, You Don’t Know My Name reminded me how much I enjoy spy novels. I’m planning to read the sequel, You Won’t Know I’m Gone, as soon as possible.

Laurinda, Alice Pung. I’m part way through this one and finding it to be quite a slow read so far. I picked it up expecting a People Like Us esqe novel but soon realised that it’s actually very different. I’m hoping that the action starts to pick up otherwise I’m not too sure whether I will be finishing it.

The Knife of Never Letting Go, Patrick Ness. I’ve heard a lot about this book over the past few years and am especially interested to read it as it fits my ‘A book over 500 pages’ category for the Modern Mrs Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge.

Off the Page, Jodie Picoult and Samantha Van Leer. I read the first book in this duology a while back and have been considering reading the second one ever since. It one of those books that I’m sort of ‘meh’ about but just keep coming back to when I can’t find anything else to borrow.

Things a Bright Girl Can Do, Sally Nicholls. As this book could tick the ‘nominated for an ward in 2018’ box for my Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge, I think I may give it a go, however I’m not entirely convinced by it at this point in time.

Made You Up, Francesca Zappia. Another book I’ve already started reading, this book is one that I’m just really not feeling. It’s slow and not as engaging as I wanted it to be. We’ll see what happens, but a the moment I’m considering DNFing it.

While You Don’t Know My Name was an amazing read, the other books that I’m currently reading or thinking of reading next just aren’t inspiring me as much as they should. I’m considering DNFing at least one of them and fear that a lull in reading may be on the horizon. Have you read any of these books? What were your opinions on them? 


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