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I love doing book tags and this one looked especially fun. I’m not sure where I originally saw it, however, after a little research, I found that the creator was Ayundabhuwana. As always, if you want to take part in the tag, please feel free to do so, just make sure to drop your link in the comments section so that I can read your answers! 🙂


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Reading on your bed or the couch? Probably my bed, however, it really depends on the weather; if it’s nice outside than my outside couch, if it’s cold and rainy, then my bed.

Male Main character or female main character? Probably female just for the relatablilty aspect. I do read a lot of books about women, though, so male protagonists are always an interesting change.

Sweet snacks or salty snacks when your reading? Most likely salty, specifically vegemite vitawheats (odd, I know). Cookies & Chocolate are always a welcome reading partners, though.

Trilogies or Quartets? I don’t read many series/duologies/trilogies/quartets but if I had to choose then I would say trilogies, just because I can’t think of any good quartets at this point in time (Anyone have any good suggestions…?).

First person point of view or third person point of view? A tricky one but I think I’m going to have to say first person as I have read a few good first person pov stories this year.

Reading at night or in the morning? Morning! Just so that I can read for as long as I like :). There’s nothing worse than having to go to bed without finishing a good part of your novel.


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Libraries or bookstores? Bookstores. I love the overall atmosphere of bookstores, plus, if I’m going to a bookstore than you can guarantee I will be leaving with some great books!

Books that make you laugh or cry? Laugh. It certainly depends on my mood & what I’ve read lately,  however, it’s not often that I find a book that really makes me laugh, so when I do, it’s a happy day :).

Black books covers or white book covers? I wouldn’t say I’m too fussed about this one although white covers would be my preference.



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Character driven or plot driven? I’m probably more of a plot driven kind of person, hence, the worst books for me are the ones that have a slow or barely recognisable plot. Character is still important, of course, but plot driven stories are usually my favourite.


Have you done this book tag? What are/where your answers to these questions?


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