Liebster Award 2.0


A huge thank you to Dania from Bookish Thoughts for not only nominating me for this award, but for waiting for more than a month for me to post my answers! If you haven’t seen her blog already, make sure to go check it out asap :).


The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the nominator’s 11 questions.
  • Come up with your own set of 11 questions to be answered by the nominees.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing

 The Questions:

  1. Can you read when there’s noise, or does it have to be absolute silence? Almost always absolute silence. I can occasionally read in slightly loud public places (i.e the bus), however I certainly prefer to be completely alone with my thoughts.
  2. What book did you wish ended differently, and how would it end if it’s up to you? [Possible spoiler alert]. The book that sticks out in my mind as one that has a bad ending is Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. The ending for this novel is certainly controversial and although many a year has passed since I read it, I still wish the story had a different ending, specifically surrounding the relationship between the protagonist & her mother. To be honest, I really just wanted to see a full on fight 😂.
  3. Ebooks or physical books? Physical books ❤️😍. Ebooks are definitely convenient and lighter to lug around, however they lack that bookish feel that physical books have. Also, ebooks make my eyes hurt after a while 😂👓.
  4. Describe your ideal reading spot. While my bed is my favourite reading spot that actually exists, my ideal fantastical reading spot would be a hammock on a beach 🌴🌊💧😌.


  1. If you had to kill off a favourite character from a book to save another favourite character, who would they be and why? It hurts to say it, but I think I would have to kill off Clancy Crew (from the book series, Ruby Redfort by Lauren Child) in order to save Ruby Redfort, the stories’ main protagonist. I’m sorry Clancy! 😰😭. It would be a good plot twist though.
  2. How many books are on your bookshelves, and how many of them haven’t you read yet? *Goes to count books*. Comes back 2 hours later 😉. I have 100 (105 including library books) in (& around) the bookshelf in my room and more books than I care to count in the bookshelf in my living room.
  3. If you can only pick one book to describe you as a person, what would you pick? Geek Girl by Holly Smale. I feel like I go on and on (an on) about this book but it really is just that good. Harriet Manners is like a fantastical reincarnation of my soul 😉.
  4. What time of the day do you usually write your blog posts? Usually in the mid to late arfternoon around the time when I’m about to be eating dinner and doing my homework. I occasionally right my blog posts in the morning if that’s when inspiration strikes :).
  5. Whose superpower/abilities would you like to have? If I was going to become a superhero I would want to be Scarlet Witch so I guess I’ll just take all of the superpowers that she has!
  6. List three of your non-canon OTPs. I’m not entirely sure what non-canon means… Is it referring to ‘ships that weren’t created by the author of the novel? If so then my list would be:
    1. Sam & Hayden from Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff. Even though it was clearly the wrong idea, I spent the entirety of this novel wanting there to be romance between these two. Well there wasn’t, and I was sorely disappointed.
    2. Agatha & Sophie from School for Good & Evil by Soman Chanaini. I read this book too long ago to remember whether there was anything romantic between these two. I’m fairly sure it was just my imagination though.
    3. Ruby Redfort & Clancy Crew from the Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child. They would be such a cute couple ❤️😍.
  7. What was one unexpected good thing that happened to you from blogging? So many good & unexpected things have happened to me thanks to blogging, meeting all of you lovely people just for starters! 🙂

Another huge thank you to Dania for nominating me for this award, I really enjoyed answering your questions. As for my nominees… Anyone who follows a Happy Little Bookworm is automatically nominated ;). If you do end up doing this tag, feel free to use the questions I answered, the questions I made up in my last Liebtser award post or to make up whatever questions you want :). Just make sure to link back so that I can check out your post!

Happy reading :).





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