Review of Forever Geek by Holly Smale


“My name is Harriet Manners, and I am a geek.”

These were the words that first captivated readers worldwide after Geek Girl’s initial release in early 2013. These words would lead fans on a four-year long journey of anticipation, hope and heartbreak, before the series finale, Forever Geek, was released last year. Refreshing, action-packed and heartbreaking, the highly anticipated end to the Geek Girl saga brings new life to Harriet Manners, the series’ heroine, while still providing all of the laughs, fun and awkwardness that readers first fell in love with.


The story, which follows the same tried and true Geek Girl formula as the past books, once again sees Harriet jetting across the globe. This time, to the sunny east coast of Australia with her eccentric Grandmother, Bunty, and best friend, Natalie. While her friends and family soak up the sunshine, Harriet is forced to contemplate the question of whether she will see Australian supermodel ex-boyfriend, Nick, and, more importantly, whether she wants to.


On the surface, the book is a quick, easy read and, for the most part, it is. However, Forever Geek is also, in some regards, the Geek Girl book where we see Harriet at her most serious. Faced with numerous family, friendship and romantic changes, Harriet provides the basis for a number of inspiring underlying themes which are hide beneath the story’s humorous exterior.


Altogether, Forever Geek, provides the perfect conclusion to the 6 book Geek Girl saga. Filled with wit and charm, the book takes readers on a heart-warming journey that is every bit as humorous as it is heartbreaking. An absolute must read that’s perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell, Morgan Matson and Nicola Yoon. 5 stars!





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