Half Way Through Review- Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

I am currently reading Rainbow Rowell’s 2013 novel, Fangirl. While I still have little over half of the book left, I couldn’t resist reviewing what I have read so far!

After hearing raving reviews for this book for the last 4 years, I finally got my hands on a copy and couldn’t wait to give it a go. Surprisingly, this is the first Rainbow Rowell novel that I have read and I was intrigued to discover what her writing style would be like.

While at first, I found the addition of the excerpts from the (fictional) Simon Snow series a little confusing, slow and irrelevant, as the story progressed I learned to partially understand the parallel storyline of the books written by the (fictional) author Gemma T Leslie.

So far I am loving this unique young adult novel and can’t wait to see how the last 200 pages unfurl. Hopefully I will finish and review this book within the next few days to a week however nothing is set in stone! 🙂

Have you read this book? What did you think? Did the like the Simon Snow excerpts? Let me know in the comments section below!



September Reads So Far

So far, September has been a month of great reads for me! In no particular order, here are the great books that I have read so far this month:

  1. Finding Audrey, Sophie Kinsella 

    Possibly one of the best books I have read this year, I loved the way Finding Audrey talked about seemingly dark topics such as anxiety and bullying in such a humorous yet touching way. One minute I was laughing my head off and the next I was bawling my eyes out. I ripped through this book in a matter of hours and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who likes a good laugh!

  2. FlawedCecelia Ahern

I wouldn’t say that I am usually a big fan of dystopian books, however recently I have been giving more of them a go. Despite my original apprehensions, I fell in love with the book from the very first page! The characters were so convincing and their story so gripping that I couldn’t bear to put it down. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel, Perfect, which was released earlier this year (30/03/17).

3. Not if I See You FirstEric Lindstrom 

I loved Not if I See you First for its honesty and humour. With so many sad topics covered in the book, it could have become hard to read. However, Not if I See You First goes the complete opposite way and handles these topics with not only ease but great humour. Another great YA read! 🙂

Have you read any or all of these books? What did you think of them? Leave any comments below! 🙂




Book Review: And Then You’re Dead; A Scientific Exploration of the World’s Most Interesting Ways to Die

After an extended break from blogging, finally, I have decided to begin writing on this blog again and it’s all because of a book. I had been tossing the idea of blogging again around in my head for a while when a came across a selection of amazing books. After reading a couple of these books I began to think of how I would write a post on them to restart my blog again. I started writing the post, gathered a few pictures and then forgot about it overnight and never returned to finish it.


Now, months later, a new book has inspired me to begin this blogging process again. And it’s the complete opposite of what I would have expected. Over the short time I originally blogged on A Happy Little Bookworm, I did not review one single non-fiction book. That’s because I don’t read many. At all. But then, here I am, about to rave on about this (fabulous) non-fiction book, And Then You’re Dead; A Scientific Exploration of the World’s Most Interesting Ways to Die. Yes, I know, a grave title. But the book

is, in fact, quite the opposite of somber. While it is at times gruesome, it is always undeniably humorous and fascinatingly random. The footnotes left kindly at the bottom of the page, are another source of intriguing facts and statistics. So far, I have learnt what would happen if I was buried alive, stuck in a falling elevator, attacked by a great white shark, hit by a meteorite, struck by lightning, sucked into a black hole and so many more unbelievable fates.

The book promises to be ‘part physics, part astronomy, part anatomy and part gore’ and is perfect for both science enthusiasts and people who love to havea good laugh. I would highly recommend this book as a great source of entertainment to anyone who likes to be the source of an unbelievable number of fun facts. Whether you pick out the sections that most interest you or read the book cover-to-cover, you will be wonderfully surprised by the fascinating content and witty writing style.


Basic info:

  • Name: And Then You’re Dead; A Scientific Exploration of the World’s Most Interesting Ways to Die
  • Author(s): Cody Cassidy & Paul Doherty
  • Published in Australia & New Zealand in 2017 by Allen & Unwin
  • Published in the US in 2017 by Penguin Books

Have you read this book or other similar books? Is this book on your TBR? Please leave any questions or comments below! 🙂

The Sun is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon


Credit Image

I was a little hesitant to read this book as I had heard that I wasn’t nearly as good as Everything Everything. At the start I found it a little confusing and struggled to keep up with the ever changing narrator. However, as the story progressed it started to make more sense and I began to really enjoy the chapters which were told from ‘the universe’s point of view’. I think that these added chapters really helped to make the book as good as it was as they allowed you to understand each character more and to see the intricate chain of ‘coincidences’ which created the story.

In terms of characters, I really liked how original and different they were. Daniel was a hopeless romantic who looked at everything in a poetical way, while Natasha strongly believed in the facts and science. The less prominent characters, such as Daniel’s brother and Natasha’s father, were also really interesting to read about, especially through the point of view of the universe. While I enjoyed each character’s individual personality, I thought that because of Natasha’s factual point of view, she ended up looking a little rude, stubborn and single minded. I still liked her character, however I thought that her scientific opinions were over exaggerated.

After reading Everything Everything, I was worried about the ending of this story, as although I enjoyed the ending of Everything Everything in terms of Madeline & Oliver’s relationship and Maddy’s illness, I didn’t like how there was no forgiveness or smooth ending in terms of family. (Sorry, I am trying not to include any spoilers…) However, the ending to TSIAAS was perfectly happy and sweet.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it truly changed my view on the world and how one tiny action or coincidence can change someone’s life forever. I would rate this book 4 stars and would definitely recommend it to almost anyone… 🙂

WWW Wednesday 21/12

WWW Wednesday is a meme currently hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. All you have to do is answer these three simple questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Credit Image           Credit Image          Credit Image

Currently Reading? Sister Heart, by Sally Morgan. Sally Morgan is an amazing Australian author and artist who has written and illustrated many beautiful picture books, short stories and novels. Sister Heart is one of the first books I have read by Sally Morgan and so far I am loving it! It is written in verse and is about a young girl who is taken away from her family to live far away in an institution. Not only is is beautifully written, but the story itself is so raw and true that I can’t bare to put it down.

Recently Finished? I just finished reading The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon, which turned out to be a really interesting and thought provoking read. I hope to post a review by the end of this week.

Reading Next? As I only just started reading Sister Heart, I am not entirely sure what I will read next. One likely contender is A Very Good Chance, by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald.

As always, leave any comments, along with the link to your WWW Wednesday post, below! 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday – 13/12

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun meme hosted by the lovely people at The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme is: The Top Ten Books I’m Looking Forward To For The First Half Of 2017. I was particularly excited by this theme as I have seen lots of great 2017 releases around recently. So without further ado:


1. The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett. This book is already getting a lot of attention; and it isn’t set to be released until January! It sounds like such a great book that rather than borrowing it through NetGalley, I am going to wait to read it in paper format.


2. The Bitter Side of Sweet. This book looks so different to any other book I have read; it is about two young brothers who are slaves in a cacao farm on the modern day Ivory Coast.

3. A Quiet Kind of Thunder. This sounds like such a sweet love story… 🙂

4. We Come Apart. I was equally intrigued by the cute cover and the interesting blurb.

5. A Tragic Kind of Wonderful. 


6. The Bone Witch. I am not usually a big fan of sic-fi-ish books, but this one seems really interesting.

7. See You in the Cosmos


8. The Wingsnatchers (Carmer & Grit, Book 1). I am not fully convinced by this book, however as it is the first in a series, I am willing to give it a go.

9. Speed of Life. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book! It looks so funny & relatable 🙂 

 Credit Image Credit Image Credit Image


10. Road Signs That Say West. Everyone loves a good summer road trip…

11. The Truth About Happily Ever After.

Credit Image  Credit Image

12. It Started With Goodbye. A modern Cinderella retelling? Yes, please! 🙂

What books are you looking forward to in the first half of 2017? Leave any comments below, I would love to hear from you! 🙂

12 Day Bookish Advent Calendar!

It’s nearly Christmas! Soon the 12 day Christmas countdown will begin, and although I didn’t get around to buying an advent calendar this year, I have designed my dream advent calendar which includes some of the books I that have been on my TBR for a  while, some which I have heard a lot about (recently) and some of the sweetest festive books I could find.

While I have not actually read any/many of the books on this list, they are all books I would love to add to my shelf this festive season and the perfect reason to treat myself is through an advent calendar! I know that most advent calendars start on the 1st of December, but as this is my advent calendar; I make the rules! 🙂  Click on the title to go to to Goodreads page.

Credit Image Credit Image Credit Image

  1. 14th- Eleanor & Park. I have never read a book by Rainbow Rowell but I have heard that her books are really good. This one seems like a sweet young love story; perfect for the festive season!
  2. 15th- Models Don’t Eat Chocolate Cookies. I have had this book on my TBR list for a while now. It looks both funny and cute which would make it the perfect book to have on my bookcase (so that I can read it over & over) 🙂
  3. 16th- Geek Girl (Special)- All Wrapped Up. I have read this adorable novella before, but I am more than willing to read it again, especially now that it is actually Christmas!
  4. 17th- The Mystery of The Clockwork Sparrow- The Sinclair’s Mysteries #1. This sounds like a really fun, festive, old fashioned mystery.
  5. 18th- Fish in a Tree. I like the look of this sweet middle-grade story about a young girl with dyslexia. Although it seems a little predictable, I am willing to give it a go.
  6. 19th- Lost in the Sun. I like that this middle-grade novel has aspects of mystery involved while still being a relatable story about a boy trying to start afresh.
  7. 20th- The Truth About Twinkie Pie. I love baking, and as this book is all about a baking contest and is filled with lots of sweet recipes, it sounds like a book this I would love!
  8. 21st- The Seventh Most Important Thing. I really want to read this book as it sounds really different to anything I have ever read before.
  9. 22nd- Forget Me Not. I am a big fan of realistic fiction and tend to read a lot of ‘sick-lit’ books. According to the reviews, this book is “Simple, and beautiful, and heartfelt”. I also like the fact that it is written in verse.
  10. 23rd- Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story. I always like a good historical novel…
  11. 24th- Amateurs- Amateurs #1. This book is a little different to some of the others on this list as it is more of a crime thriller than romance etc. The plot seems original and genuinely intriguing.
  12. 25th-Heartless. I have heard a lot about this book recently and as it is set in Wonderland, it seems like a great book to get on Christmas.











WWW Wednesday- 7/12/16

WWW is a meme currently run by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. To take part all you have to do is answer three simple questions; What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? & What will you read next? So without further ado:

Currently Reading?

Tales of the Peculiar, by Ransom Riggs. This book acts as a sort of prequel to Miss Peregrine’s, as although there are different characters in each of the unique short stories, they are all peculiar and I would assume, relatively similar to some of the Miss Peregrine’s characters. I am really enjoying each of the stories, they are quick and easy to read but still have an interesting and complicated storyline. So far my favourite out of the stories would have to be The Woman Who Befriended Ghosts as I love the idea of being able to see, hear and speak to ghosts. I am up to the second last story about a boy/man who can control the sea/tides.

Recently Finished?

Between the Lines, Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer. I really enjoyed this sweet young love story about an adorkable girl who falls for a fairy tale book character. What I liked about this book was that it was told from 3 different perspectives; Delilah, (Prince) Oliver and the Fairy Tale which Oliver is trapped in. I also loved the beautiful details throughout the book; full page coloured pictures from the fairy tale as well as small silhouettes on some pages.

Reading Next?

Credit Image Credit Image Credit Image

I have books piled high next to my bed, which makes choosing a book to read next super hard. I am not completely sure, but it will probably be either The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon, Geek Girl; Head Over Heels by Holly Smale or A Step Towards Falling by Cammie McGovern.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave any comments below, I’d love to hear from you! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday- 29/11


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Top Ten Tuesday is a super cool meme hosted by the people over at The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is a holiday gift guide freebie. As I have been reading a lot of cool and different young adult novels lately, I have decided to do a list of the top ten books to buy anyone who loves a good YA book! Most of the books would be classified as contemporary YA, however, there are a few that could be put into different sub genres to YA… I have tried to include a good mix of books to suit people interested in many different genres and topics! 🙂 In no particular order:

Credit Image Credit Image Credit Image Credit Image

  1. Everything Everything, Nicola Yoon– There has been a lot of hype surrounding this book lately and for good reason! This book is sweet, soft, heart warming and really makes you think about forgiveness and letting go.
  2. The Honest Truth, Dan Gemeinhart– I absolutely loved The Honest Truth. It was so raw and true that it felt more like I was reading a beautifully written autobiography, rather than a fictional story.
  3. Between the Lines, Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer– A super cute, intriguing and unique (love) story about a book character trying to escape a fairy tale.
  4. Words in Deep Blue, Cath Crowley– Another awesome read! While this book calls itself a love story, it is about more than just love; subjects such as friendship, grief and loss are all explored.
  5. Looking for JJ, Anne Cassidy- This one is a little different to some of the others on this list as it is a crime thriller, while many of the books on this list are more contemporary or romantic. No matter the genre, this book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so all I will say is; IT WAS AMAZING! 🙂
  6. Ruby Redfort, Lauren Child- Many of you have probably realised by now that I am a major fan of Lauren Child’s series, Ruby Redfort. The books would make a perfect gift for any mystery/crime/action etc. lover!
  7. Looking for Alibrandi, Marlina Marchetta- An absolute classic, this is a great one to add to someone’s bookshelf… I am sure they will read it more than a few times!
  8. Any of the books in the Choose Your Own Ever After Series, by a variety of authors- the Choose Your Own Ever After books are super cool, you essentially choose how the story goes and make all of the major decisions for the main character!
  9. The Geek Girl Books, Holly Smale- I love these books; they are hilarious and so relatable! I am sure that anyone would enjoy getting a couple of the books to add to their collection; I know I certainly would!
  10. Come Back Como, Steven Winn- This book is actually an autobiography from the point of view of the owner of this troublesome dog! It certainly feels like a fictional story though! While I have read reviews where people have said that they felt like it was a copy of Marley and Me, I disagree; yes, it has it’s similarities (it’s still HILARIOUS and true) but this book is different in it’s own way!

Have you read any of the books on my list? What did you do for TTT this week? Leave your comments below; I would love to hear from you! 🙂

The Dog Encyclopaedia For Kids, By Tammy Gagne

While scanning through thousands of ebooks on NetGalley, this book caught my eye. I immediately requested it from the publisher and the next day was pleased to find that my request had been accepted. Below is my review of The Dog Encyclopaedia For Kids, which is set to be released on the 1st of February next year.

I don’t usually read non fiction unless the book really jumps out at me. But from the moment I saw the adorable cover of this creatively written book I new it was one I wanted to read. And it didn’t disappoint. This book provided everything I was hoping for; the background information, appearance and personality information as well as training and care notes on all of my favourite dog breeds plus many that I had never even heard of.

This book truly expanded my knowledge on everything even loosely related to dogs; before reading this book I had no idea that Silky Terriers originated from Australia, let alone that they were bred to hunt snakes or that Boxers need to spend a lot of time with their owners as they can develop behavioural problems if left alone too long too often. My only criticism of this book would be that while it gave me everything I was expecting, it failed to provide just a little something unique or unexpected which would have pushed it to become an outstanding book. That being said, it was still a great book and one that I would definitely recommend to almost anybody!

Dog lovers of all ages will enjoy discovering the dog breeds of the world through the pages of this fun book!

Look out for this book early next year or find it on NetGalley. As always, please leave any comments or questions below as I always love to hear from you! 🙂