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I would love to include some author interviews on A Happy Little Bookworm. If you want to be featured on my blog please contact me through the form below, making sure to include some basic information about yourself and your answers to a variety of your chosen questions (either from the list below or any other relevant questions you would like included)! ūüôā

Some examples of questions include:

  • What is the latest book you published?
  • Tell us a little about the plot and the main characters
  • Where can we buy this book?
  • What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?
  • What is the easiest thing about writing it? (If there is one ;))
  • How long on average does it take you to write a book?/How long did it take you to write this particular book?
  • Do you read much? If so what genres, authors or topics do you enjoy?
  • What else do you do in your free time?
  • Are your stories/characters ¬†influenced by your life/people that you meet?
  • When & where is your next book signing/ meet & greet? (If relevant)
  • Any advice for any aspiring authors out there?
  • How did you get into writing?
  • If you weren’t an Author, what would you be?
  • How many books have you published?
  • Do you have any that you are currently working on?
  • Where can fans find out more about you? Do you have any social media/ a blog of you own?

Feel free to pick & choose or come up with questions of your own! You can find some more questions here. I would also be very happy to review you books in return for a copy! Click here for more information on books in exchange for reviews!

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