January Reads So Far

January Reads So Far.png

January has been a great month of reading for me so far. With 8 books already behind me, I’ve decided to highlight my favourite reads of the month so far.

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  1. The One Memory of Flora Banks, Emily Barr. This was a novel that I was really excited to read. It didn’t entirely live up to my expectations. That’s not to say I didn’t like it- I did. I just mean to say that it was good in a way that I didn’t anticipate. I have to say that I found this book confusing a lot of the time- Flora (the protagonist)’s amnesia means that she forgets everything (apart from things she knew before she was 10) every few hours. While I appreciated how this aspect was included in the telling of the story, it did make the novel a little slow. The ending was amazing  for that I give it 4 stars.
  2. Geekerella, Ashley Poston. How could I not read this book considering the amount of hype it’s gotten over the past year? I was pleasantly surprised by how well the characters were written, how cleverly the cinderella references were included and just overall how cute this love story was. My favourite character? Sage. My favourite couple? Sage & Cal ❤️.
  3. Dreamology, Lucy Keating. Dreamology tells the story of Alice, a teenager who finds the boy of her dreams, literally, and was such a fun read. Filled with Sci-fi-esque technology and incredibly likeable characters, Dreamology felt like a perfectly balanced novel. Oh yeah, I have also developed a new interest in the science of dreams thanks to this novel. 4 stars :).



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