New Books! 16/01/18

I promised myself I wouldn’t borrow or buy anymore books until I had read all of the books on my shelf. Did I keep my promise? Of course not! The pull of the library is simply too strong (well, that’s the excuse I’m using, anyway :)). Here are the books that I have added to my physical TBR over the past few days.

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Borrowed (from library):

  1. Dear Nobody, Berlie Doherty. I’ve actually already finished this book. While certain aspects of the structure & writing of the book were a little confusing (the author’s aversion to commas, for example), the ending more than made up for it. A great read- 3.5 stars.
  2. When Dimple Met Rishi, Sandhya Menon. This book has gotten some wild praise over the past year & with Sandhya Menon’s 2nd book (From Twinkle, With Love) coming out this year, I thought I better pick it up.
  3. Moonrise, Sarah Crossan. I wasn’t sure about this book as it seemed a little more dystopic than the books I usually gravitate towards. Despite this, it still seems like an interesting read.

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Bought (from 2nd hand book shop):

  1. ‘Knocked Out By My Nunga-Nungas’, Louise Rennison. The third in the series, I was reminded by how much I loved the first book when I saw this one at the 2nd hand book shop. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the second book but I’m sure it will be enjoyable nonetheless.
  2. The School For Good and Evil; A World Without Princes, Soman Chainani. Another book from a series I started last year, hopefully this one lives up to the first.

Acquired (via Netgalley):

  1. Down in the Belly of the Whale, Kelly Kay Bowles. I’m not 100% sure why I decided to request this book on Netgalley, however now that I’ve been accepted I’m more than willing to give it a go. 🙂 It’s set to be released on May 5th.

Have you read any of these books? What books have you bought, borrowed or acquired during the past few days to a week? Leave any comments (or a link to a similar post that you’ve written) down below. I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂


11 thoughts on “New Books! 16/01/18

  1. nonalcoholicstudent says:

    As a literature student, I love seeing what books other people are reading so I can steal some ideas!! Great post! 🙂


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